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Our store covers a wide variety of paint and paint accessories. The Kromer AFM is a painter and groomer that is an athletic field maintenance machine.  Kromer is an American made product that takes pride in its quality and service. We have worked with Kromer for over 20 years.

Professional info

The Kromer line has all your field maintenence covered. Whether you need to chalk and groom, paint or remove line and logos. The Kromer has the ability to line and mark Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track and Field, Cross Country, and even Tennis courts.  


The Commander series consists of The Pro, Chameleon, The Allstar, The Davinci, and the Hydro Enduro. We also carry the B100, which is a smaller version of the commander series. 

The Commander Ride-on Product line

Whether you need to chalk and groom a baseball field, paint or remove lines and logos, or groom and disinfect a synthetic field Kromer has a solution for you.  From little leagues to professional sports teams, high schools to universities, Kromer has an Athletic Field Machine that will fit your needs and budget. You can save time, labor, and materials with Kromer's 50+ customized options and attachments to make your fields look and play great. 

The Pro 

This package is designed specifically for use on synthetic fields. This unit utilizes our versatile FCX chassis. The Chameleon includes the front mounted End Zone /Logo Remover system (EZR), which is hydraulically driven and utilizes 3 x 20” diameter rotary brushes to quickly scrub large painted areas such as End Zones, Logos, and Coaches and Players Boxes. It has an available 100 gallon water tank plus a 17 gallon front mounted tanks for cleaning solution. The Chameleon Package also includes the Line Remover System (LR). The Line Remover is also hydraulically operated, and side mounted with dual inline 14 inch diameter rotary brushes for quick removal of painted lines. The Line Remover makes quick work of field conversions. Such as: changing from Football to Lacrosse markings. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

The Allstar

The All Star is designed primarily for grooming, spraying and utility purposes. Built on the full featured FCX chassis. Popular to use with a 17 gallon auxiliary tank for painting baseball field lines.

The Davinci

Paint your own masterpiece with The Da Vinci. It is designed for your painting and spraying needs. Built on the FCS chassis. 

Hydro Enduro - Utility Vehicle 

This unit performs a variety of functions as a utility vehicle that shares the Field Commander FCS chassis. It is a basic utility unit that matches the rest of your Field Commander fleet. It is an economical alternative to other utility vehicles but has the high quality engine & hydraulics of the Field Commander models. 

The B100

This budget friendly machine provides quality performance in both painting and grooming, but on a smaller scale. It has a 50 gallon tank and 8 horsepower engine. The B-100 is perfectly suited for a single site location with a limited work load. It delivers labor savings and durability that all Kromers are known for, but on a budget. Our sales staff will help analyze your requirements so that you receive the best value for your investment in more playable, safer and attractive fields. 

Kromer Product Attachments 
Auxillary Tank and Pump

This attachment is a 17 gallon secondary delivery system that allows you to carry paints, chemicals, or solutions. 

Coco Mat

The 60" width mat drags smooths your infield leaving a nice finish.

Dual Color Painter

This liner allows you to apply two separate colors at the same time.

Dry Liner (Chalk Liner)

With an electrically powered agitator, the dry liner delivers the finest chalk lines.

Drag Mat

Comes in 60", 72" and 96" widths allowing you to level, redistribute and break up infield / infill clumps on both natural and synthetic fields.

Easy Fast Fill Transfer Pump

Eliminates the need to lift and pour heavy paint pails while allowing minimal spills. 

Hand Held Chemical/ Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer is typically used for field logos and other custom designs. 

Hash-Yard Line Marker

Paint Hash Lines and Yard Lines in one easy pass. Selectable for left side, right side, or both simultaneously.

Inlaid Line Cutter 

Hydraulically driven attachment that cuts grass below normal height, while similtaneously painting. Eliminates removing your painted line with the next mowing. 

Kurbee Curb Painter 

Allows precise application when painting curbs. 

Natural Turf Quick Change Groomer  

Features aggressive harrow teeth, leveling blade and finish broom. This is a no-nonsense groomer that is fully capable of rejuvenating fields in any condition. Adjustable from light to aggressive. Either run with harrow only, blade only, broom only, or any combination of the three.

Ridge/ Weed Remover 

An innovative solution for maintaining and removing the buildup of material in the grass at the perimeter of the infield. The attachment is fully adjustable in height, speed and angle deliverying the perfect pressure. A real time saver, reducing labor from hours to minutes.  Also used for general cleanup and weed removal resulting in better play and safety. 

Soccer Arm Painter 

This innovative tool allows you to paint in between goal posts without the fuss of driving over lines. 


Spray Boom Dust Control & Chemical

The Spray Boom comes in 3 sizes (63", 103", 163"). Providing dust control while grooming, or application of a variety of chemicals on natural or synthetic fields applications. 

Synthetic Field Appearance Groomer

The Appearance Groomer is the easiest way to prepare for the big game. After using the conditioning groomer, infill will lay on top of grass fibers creating a black appearance. Using the Appearance Groomer's soft natural bristle brooms will straighten grass fibers and the high flow nozzles will drive the infill back into the field. When run in alternating directions, this attachment will produce a pattern effect. Adding an anti-static solution to the water will help eliminate static buildup and infill clinging to players.

Synthetic Field Conditioning Groomer

The Conditioner Groomer is mounted to the Quick Attach Mount plate on the rear of our Field Commander Tractor. Tines, which are adjustable for pressure and angle, decompact the infill. This is followed by a magnet to collect debris, dual brush rows to straighten fibers and break up infill clumps. Finally, a drag mat levels bumps and fill depressions. All this in one pass. This process creates a field of uniform density which your athletes will notice and appreciate. Available in 74 and 108 inch widths.

An efficient means to remove paint from End Zones or painted Logos on synthetic fields. A front mounted 3 x 20"/51cm rotary brooms, which Includes 17 gallon auxilary tank for remover solution.

Synthetic Field enzone/ Logo Remover 
Single Line Painter 

A center mounted painter with dual spray heads delivering full coverage to both sides of grass blades. Raised and lowered with eith a column mounted handle, or foot assist for hands free lift.

Utility Box 

Side opening access allows for easy loading and unloading. Dimensions: 7" tall 27"long x 35"wide.

Ultra Pressure Paint System

Ultra Pressure™ modular system for paint and fluid distribution. With a large 65 gallon capacity, paint whiter and brighter lines. Saving up to 50% in paint usage.

Wide Line Painter  

Great for large areas like End Zones, Coaches Boxes, or fill in areas inside logos. 

Traler Groomer

An economical pull behind groomer for use on baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and rugby fields. Grooms, conditions, levels, paints lines, and spray chemicals. Easily connects to utility vehicles, tractors or ATV's with a pin type hitch or optional trailer ball type hitch. Make your field look great, and play safe with a Traler Groomer from Kromer.


Athletic Field Groomer ( For three point hitch)

Comes equipped for grooming and leveling baseball infield material as well as light grading.The Harrow, Leveling Blade and Broom may all be used simultaneously, independently, or in any combination to conform to your grooming requirements. Its standard 3 Point mount attaches easily to ATV's, tractors, and utility vehicles equipped with 3 Point lift systems. AFG is available in three standard 3- point hitch category sizes; Category 0 & 1 hitch is available in attachment sizes 1 & 2. Category 2 hitch is available in attachment sizes 1, 2 & 3. 

Paint Mixing Station

The field paint mixing station offers 300 gallon capacity. Our exclusive "set & forget" electronically controlled automatic agitation cycle means it can be left unattended, creating time for other duties. Paint can be mixed in bulk and stored for weeks. A built in water fill monitor allows for accurate paint mixing ratios, and an automatic tank cleaning cycle ensures a fresh start with every batch. This unique product is easily transportable and connects to a standard 110 Volt outlet. Developed to save field painting crews time and effort. 


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